Quality & Standards

We give greater emphasis to the safety and comfort of our customers. Supplying safe and quality products to our customers is our priority objective. We have company quality standard which is greater or equal to the national one. We have clearly established quality control and monitoring system. The incoming products are checked for meeting the required quality standard before they are let in, if not they are rejected. The quality for cleaned or procedures product is checked at least for three times ; on process quality check, after cleaning during its stay in finished products ware house, and during shipment. The sample of exported products are retained and held at least for one year.

We have clearly articulated product in-coming and product processing diagram that is strictly followed by quality controlling staff members and ware house worker. We have policies for harmful foreign materials like metal, glass and hard plastics. In general we have complete hygiene and food safety polices and procedures to ensure the quality of our products.

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